Sooooo bored


Just keep swimming !!!

What is it

Don’t be blinded by something that isn’t even there …..

My puppy loves his mama !!!! :D

My puppy loves his mama !!!! :D

I love Madison

Madison is not a friend , not a best friend but the thing she is , is my sister forever!!!!!

Only you

You could only do that to me.

Stupid me

I thought I was texting one person when really I was texting someone else I am so stupid!!!!

What I get

What you get for thinking.When you think you know someone really well you dont really know them at all.

Not over you <3

"If you asked me how I’m doin I would say I’m doin just fine I would lie and say that your not on my mind. But I go out and I sit down at a table set for two and finally I’m forced to face the truth .No matter what they say,I’m not over you."-Gavin DeGraw